Thought-provoking and honest, Vines in the Vineyard will bring a fresh perspective into your life, whichever season you may be in.

Life is a joy for those who can recall the thrill and playfulness of youth, for those who still find wonder in nature and are still filled with questions.

This beautiful poetry by Stephanie Arban Holt is grouped by the four seasons, symbolizing the life cycle. The collection will meet you wherever you are, whichever season of life you’re in—from early childhood to old age.

Touching on topics such as societal norms, psychology, nature, feminism, and spirituality, you will certainly be challenged to look inward. Don’t miss these poems that will bring you enlightenment and introspection, education and entertainment.

Whether you leave it on your bedside or coffee table, or give it as a gift or to a friend in need, it will certainly inspire you and bring hours of enjoyment as you reflect on your life, both past and future.